Born in 1971, graduated from the School of Design in Zagreb in 1998, launched my own studio in Zabok, Croatia, in 2007. It was back in high school when I became involved with a local youth monthly paper and became passionate about layout design and typography. I worked for several publishers as an art director on various magazines and periodicals, and also lectured on design and typography at the School of Art, Design, Graphics, and Clothing in Zabok. My involvment with marketing agencies like Publicis and TBWA afforded me the opportunity to work as a designer for Coca Cola, Nivea, Rowenta, British Airways, Whirlpool, etc. As of 2001, I am the Art Director of the Croatian edition of Playboy. For over 14 years I work for American company Tupperware, designing promo materials for 10 countries in Central Eastern Europe and Baltics. I have participated in projects throughout EU as a freelancer and have held several creative workshops and EU-sponsored NGO projects.